Sustainability: it’s an art Eco Art Exhibition

Sustainability: it’s an art
Eco Art Exhibition
Artist’s Statement Directions
1. Complete the form on your computer by typing in the highlighted boxes. Be sure to complete the personal information
above the red line. This information will not be on display at the art exhibition.
IMPORTANT TIP: You will NOT be able to save the form after you have completed it. It may be useful to compose
your essay using a word processing program and copy and paste it to this form.
3. Print this form by clicking on the Print Icon above. If you would like a copy for your records, print another copy before
exiting the program.
4. Give this form to your art teacher to be submitted with your artwork. The statement below the red line will be publicly
displayed along side your art, so please check grammar and spelling before submitting it to your teacher.
PERSONAL INFORMATION (for internal use only. This will NOT be on display.)
Artist’s Name:_________________________________________School ____________________Grade__________
Address:________________________________________ City_______________ State_________ Zip___________
Phone:____________________________________ Name of Parent/Guardian______________________________
Artist’s E-mail:______________________________ Parent’s E-mail:_______________________________________
I attest that the work submitted by me is an original concept and was completed entirely by me.
Artist’s Statement
Artist’s Name:
High School:
Title of Work:
How does this piece of art reflect the environment?
________ (artist initials)