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1. Welcome
2. Edinboro University Academic Standards
3. Steps to Success Requirements
4. Q&A
• To know who my Academic Success
Coordinator is, and how to contact
• To understand what it means to be on
Academic Probation or Academic Warning
• To understand how to return to good
academic standing
• To understand the requirements of the
Steps to Success (S2S) program
Who is my Academic Success Coordinator (ASC)?
ASC Name
Phone Number
Kate Damico-Upham
Library 238
Aarron Hunsinger
Liberal Arts
Library 230
Emily Lottes
Library 229
Ashley Wassel
Science & Health Professions
Library 239
• Art, Art Education, Music, and Music Education majors will meet with
Fai Howard, the Director of Academic Success & Student Retention
(Library 240, 732-1401)
• ESP students will meet with Dr. Gleichsner (Library 216B, 732-1282)
• USP students will meet with Dr. Iglesias (Library 216A, 732-1278)
• Undeclared students can meet with Emily Lottes or their advisor (Dr.
Gleichsner or Dr. Iglesias)
to succeed at Edinboro
Edinboro University Academic Standards
Good academic standing =
2.00 (or higher) cumulative GPA
Academic Probation/Warning & You
• What prevented me from being successful
last semester?
• What will I do differently this semester to
achieve academic success?
Steps to Success (S2S) Program
• Attend Steps to Success Seminar
• Complete and submit Self-Assessment
S2S Program
• Academic Success Hold
• Will be added to student record on
Wednesday, January 28th
• Will be removed prior to withdraw deadline
(Friday, April 3rd) if all steps have been
S2S Requirements
• Meet with your Academic Success
Coordinator (ASC) by January 30th, 2015
• Review Self-Assessment
• Develop semester goals
• Sign contract
S2S Requirements
• Complete and log at least three of the
following activities by Friday, March 13th, 2015
Meet with your advisor
Complete a Smarthinking Online Tutoring session
One-on-one meeting with Student Success Leader
Attend an Academic Success workshop
Attend a face-to-face tutoring session
Activity Log
S2S Requirements
• Meet with each professor between
February 16th – 20th, 2015
• Discuss course progress
• Complete progress reports & return to ASC
no later than 4:00pm on February 23th, 2015
• *Hint: Meet with your professors this
week, inform them you are on Academic
Warning or Probation, and schedule a
meeting with them for the fifth week
Course Progress Report
S2S Requirements
• Meet with your ASC between Monday, March
16th & Friday, March 20th
• Review midterm grades & course progress reports
• Submit activity log
• Hold will be removed if student has completed all
requirements and midterm GPA is 2.00 or higher
S2S Requirements
• If either:
• your midterm GPA is below 2.00, or
• you have not completed the S2S program
• Then, you must meet with Fai Howard,
the Director of Academic Success and
Student Retention
Attitude – keep it positive!
“It is our attitude at the beginning of a
difficult task which, more than anything
else, will determine its successful outcome.”
- William James
What questions do you have?