Administrative Council Minutes

Administrative Council Minutes
February 27, 2015
Room 301 Stratton Administration Building
1. Welcoming Remarks at 8:00am
Dr. Darrell Garber
2. Approval of Minutes
 Dr. Richard Courtney made a motion to accept the minutes as presented,
Dr. Deryl Johnson seconded the motion – motion approved.
3. Dr. Darrell Garber proposed to amend the agenda due to Mr. Brent
Penny’s scheduling conflict. #5. University Vehicle Policy - next
order of business. No objection from the group.
4. University Vehicle Policy
Dr. Richard Courtney made a motion to open discussion, Mr. R. Chad
Brown seconded the motion – motion approved.
Mr. Brent Penny reviewed revised University Vehicle Policy.
The following revisions were proposed; 1) B. Scope – add student
workers 2) D. Policy – omit, the law (Act 82 of 1987) and use seat
belts while operating university vehicles. Add all state vehicular laws.
3) Eligible Passengers: add students. 4) Violations: reword to include
disciplinary action but not limited to.
All were in favor of approving the University Vehicle Policy A&F-023
with the above changes.
5. Student Government Board Update
Mr. Joe Scoboria said SGB members will be volunteering to speak with
students at Accepted Student Days starting this Saturday.
SGB passed a Special Leave Policy to protect student spots who go out on
special leave .
Members from the SGB have been meeting with Dr. Vargas discussing the
Per Credit Tuition Model. SGB wants to summarize the Per Credit Tuition
Model for SGB and then vote on it. Dr. Deryl Johnson is working on a
communication plan for the Per Credit Tuition Model and suggested to do
a bullet point summary that Advisors could share with students.
There are posters around campus stating, administration will raise your
tuition. SGB is trying to find out who posted them.
PASSHE Advocacy Days at the Capitol April 14th & 15th. Mr. Joe Scoboria
attending as well as nine other students.
Mr. Joe Scoboria will be running for re-election of SGB President for next
year. Dr. Vargas commended Joe on the job he is doing as SGB President
and wishes him good luck on re-election.
6. Student Preferred Name Policy
 Mr. R. Chad Brown made a motion to open discussion. Dr. Deryl Johnson
seconded the motion – motion approved.
 Mr. Jerry Schearer reviewed the Student Preferred Name Policy.
 The following revision was proposed: 1) D. Policy – Last line should read,
Any appeals for denial may be addressed to the Provost and Vice
President for Academic and Student Affairs.
 All were in favor of approving the Student Preferred Name Policy STU000 with the above change.
7. As May Arise
 Dr. Darrell Garber suggested that Council members reach out to each
committee that reports to Admin Council to assist with revising Mission &
1. Calendar Committee – Ms. Tracy Reidenhour
2. Human Diversity – Mr. R. Chad Brown
3. Commission on the Status of Minorities – Mr. Joe Scoboria
4. Campus Beautification – Mr. Jerry Silberman
5. Safety Committee – Mr. Jerry Silberman
6. University Traffic Bureau – Mr. Jerry Silberman
7. Wellness Committee – Dr. Darrell Garber to ask Dr. Lorri Engstrom
8. Commission on the Status of Women – They revised their Mission
& Bylaws utilizing the template.
Mr. R. Chad Brown made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50am and
Mr. Joe Scoboria seconded the meeting – motion approved and meeting
was adjourned at 8:50am.
The Next Meeting is Friday, March 27th at 8:00am in the President’s
Members Present:
Dr. Darrell Garber
Mr. R. Chad Brown
Dr. Richard Courtney
Mr. Jesus Pena
Mr. John Green
Mr. Jerry Silberman
Dr. Lorri Engstrom
Ms. Tracy Reidenhour
Dr. James Mackin
Dr. Carlos Vargas
Mr. Joe Scoboria
Dr. Deryl Johnson
Mr. Brent Penny, Guest
Mr. Jerry Schearer, Guest
Members Absent:
Dr. Paul Quinn
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