PhD Dear family, friends and colleagues

of May
Dear family, friends and colleagues
I would like to invite you to my PhD-defense on Tuesday 26th of
May in FORUM at CIENS (forskningsparken). I will give a trial
lecture entitled
“The connection between CO₂ and temperature, when
interpreting the paleoclimate records “
at 10:15 am, following by the defense of my PhD-thesis:
“Climate effects of land use changes and anthropogenic impact
on surface radiation”
at 1:15 am. Whether or not you choose to suffer through (or
enjoy) my lecture and defense, you are obliged to attend the
informal gathering at the Sagene Lunchbar at Maridalsveien 153
(1th floor with cash bar and possibility to buy food) starting
after 8:30 pm on the same day.
Yours sincerely, Maria