Innate Immunity

Biology 485 (Immunology), Summer 2011
Student Creative Project
Innate Immunity
Lyrics by Dan Hansen (Frank Cellnatra)
Music adapted from New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)
Innate Immunity
It’s in our DNA
We are all born with it
Defense, defense.
Leukocytes, extravasate,
Tolls with a signal,
Leucine repeats,
Infectious colonies
Skin keeps them away.
Enzymes will kill most of it,
Defense, defense.
There goes NFkappaB,
It will call DNA.
Ribosomes will soon transcribe it,
Down signaling DEFENSE.
Tears and saliva protect us,
So does RNAse.
We have normal flora,
They compete for space.
Neutrophils follow fMLP,
Bound to bacterial membrane
One more Defense.
When membranes are breached,
Tissue macrophage,
Will soon engulf much of it,
Next line of defense.
They secrete cytokines,
Along with chemokines.
Defense, defense.
Defense Defense
Inflammation slows infection
And brings on the heat,