Pablo Bereciartua Sustainability 4.0:  the new industrial revolution Yale World Fellow, and Founder & CEO of Bereco SA

Sustainability 4.0: the new industrial revolution
Pablo Bereciartua
Yale World Fellow, and Founder & CEO of Bereco SA
In this phase of human development, the world is facing an increasing amount of complex challenges. The good news is that it is possible to develop new ways of solving those real world issues by combining five main changes that shape new opportunities ahead: 1) collaboration and the sharing economy, 2) big data and data science, 3) artificial intelligence and learning algorithms, 4) bioeconomy and applied biotechnology, and 5) value changes in new generations. These changes will have significant consequences for development opportunities
around the world, and may mean a new industrial revolution with profound consequences in many dimensions. In a sense, the issue of sustainability is changing from a reactive approach to the negative consequences of development, to a core organizing principle for the new ways of being competitive.
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