David Bach How case study pedagogy can foster multi-disciplinary

How case study pedagogy can
foster multi-disciplinary
David Bach
Senior Associate Dean for Executive
MBA Global Programs & Senior
Lecturer at Yale School of
Understanding and effectively tackling many of today’s most vexing
problems requires the ability to draw on insights from multiple
perspectives and knowledge domains.
Yet while few would deny the importance of multi-disciplinary learning,
achieving integration in the classroom remains a challenge. Case study
pedagogy as employed in many business schools can provide a favorable
setting for multi-disciplinary learning. Dr. Bach will explicate some of the
tenants of case study pedagogy and illustrate them via a Yale School of
Management ‘raw case’ study on sustainability in the Indonesian Palm Oil
12:00-1:00 FREE EVENT in Burke Auditorium, Kroon Hall
Lunch will be provided – first come, first served