Chabot College February 1999 Replaced Fall 2010

Chabot College
February 1999
Replaced Fall 2010
Course Outline for Physical Education 5
Catalog Description:
PHED 5 – Fat Burning Circuit Training
2 unit
Develop cardiovascular efficiency, strength, muscular endurance and flexibility through the use of Cybex
selector weight machines, Monark stationary bikes and other state of the art equipment. Includes individual
fitness prescriptions through assessments. Goal achievement through the use of circuit training 8 hours of
Prerequisite Skills:
Expected Outcomes for the Students:
Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:
1. demonstrate safe and effective use of the strength training equipment;
2. demonstrate an understanding of the three energy systems and their relationship to training;
3. have a working knowledge of the aerobic target heart rate training zones;
4. describe the relationship between body composition and personal health, fitness and wellness;
5. demonstrate an understanding of metabolism and it’s relationship to exercise and activity;
6. demonstrate a working knowledge of training principles and progresses in relation to their strength
and fitness;
7. demonstrate a knowledge and improvement in strength through the use of circuit training;
8. demonstrate a understanding and importance of a proper warm-up before training and the aerobic
and anaerobic energy systems;
9. demonstrate a knowledge and improvement of the cardiovascular system through the use of fat
burning circuit training;
10. perform and explain exercises that enhance flexibility;
11. demonstrate an understanding of the role of physical assessment in developing a personal fitness
Course Content:
Care and safe use of equipment.
Teaching progressions for strength training.
Estimate target heart rate training zones.
The three energy systems and their relationship to training.
Muscular strength in relation to overall health and well being.
Raising metabolism through strength and cardiovascular conditioning.
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Fat Burning Circuit Training - PHED 5, Page 2
Methods of Presentation:
Each semester, all students will attend:
1. Orientation sessions on proper use of the machines.
2. A battery of physical assessments.
3. Late adds will view a video tape of the orientation and make an appointment for assessment.
The students will be assessed in the following areas:
1. Body composition with the use of bio-impedance.
2. Strength using the Cybex strength machines.
3. Heart rate with the use of polar heart rate monitors.
4. Flexibility
During the course of the lab, the instructor will monitor each student to be sure that they are performing the
exercises correctly. The instructor will monitor each student’s progress using improvement in heart rate,
strength, flexibility and body composition to develop a personalized fitness program.
Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
Credit based on attendance and fulfillment of the objectives of the course.
Special Student Material:
Appropriate physical education attire. The student must bring a towel.
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February 1999