Chabot College September 1995 PHED 2FBA–

Chabot College
September 1995
Course Outline for Physical Education 2
Catalog Description:
PHED 2FBA– Fat Burning Aerobics
1 unit
This course is designed to build muscle and burn fat by performing aerobic exercise for cardiovascular
endurance, flexibility, and strength. The class will meet 3 hours per week.
Prerequisite Skills:
Expected Outcomes for the Students:
Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:
1. become more physically fit; through proper nutrition and exercise
2. experience an increase in muscular strength and endurance
3. become more flexible
4. develop an appreciation for good body posture and movement
5. understand the principles of muscles burning fat
Course Content:
1. Cardiovascular activity which raises heart rate for a designated period of time in order to burn fat.
2. Exercises which provide for muscular strength and endurance
3. Flexibility and stretching exercises
Methods of Presentation:
Lecture and demonstration method, musical accompaniment with activity, individual assistance when needed.
Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
Class attendance and participation in assigned class activities, promptness to class.
Special Student Material:
Appropriate physical education attire.
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September 1995