Ethical Behavior Agreement Network Security Del Mar College

Ethical Behavior Agreement
Network Security
Del Mar College
I, __________________, on this ______ day of ________, 2004
acknowledge that I have read and understand the acceptable use policy.
I further agree that I am being trained as a network security professional
and that I will not use the content of this course to bring harm or damage
to Del Mar College property or to the property of others. Failure to adhere
to these standards as set before me may result in my being dropped from
the degree plan, the course and the receipt of a failing grade in the
Any and all unauthorized use of the computers or network at Del Mar
College may result in disciplinary action, and civil or criminal penalties. I
also acknowledge that my usage of the computers may be monitored,
recorded or copied and the contents disclosed to law enforcement
personnel if necessary, and that no expectation of privacy should be
derived from the use of computers at Del Mar College.
All criminal activity or evidence of criminal activity will be reported to law
enforcement personnel as per the National Information Infrastructure
Protection Act of 1996, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, and
any other local or state laws that are applicable.
I have read and understand this document and agree to abide by the
terms and conditions during my studies at Del Mar College.
Signed: ____________________________________
Date: ______________________________________
Print Name: _________________________________
Witness: ____________________________________