PRBC Agenda September 26 3:00-5:00 p.m. Room 405

PRBC Agenda
September 26
3:00-5:00 p.m.
Room 405
1. Review of a LOT of minutes
2. Setting priorities for the PRBC for 2012-13 (just suggestions, we need to brainstorm):
a. "Must do's" (not in priority order)
i. Program Review for 2012-13. Question: How do we incorporate our new
Strategic plan into this work?
ii. Finalizing and implementing our Strategic Plan
b. "Should do's" (not in priority order)
i. Engage in longer-term planning
ii. Define our involvement with and the status of the Educational Master
iii. Revisit the charter and membership of the PRBC
iv. Address the shared governance recommendation of our last
accreditation report on committee "outcome and effectiveness"
v. Revise our shared governance document, reporting structure
vi. Work to clarify, improve relationships with District
vii. Assist in efforts to streamline processes
viii. Clarify decision-making processes
ix. Greatly improve communication with the college on the entire planning
process and clarify how that connects to resource allocation
3. Strategic Plan:
a. How to get going on our initiatives
b. Building an inventory of existing practices across the college, sharing them, and
determining how to grow them at low cost
4. Program Review:
a. Establishing timelines for Spring 2013
b. Any changes to the forms?
5. Revamp of PRBC website: suggestions