College Budget Committee Tuesday, November 10, 2015

College Budget Committee
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., Board Room 200
Meeting called to order at 2:10pm
Attendance: 9 members (see sign in sheet)
The minutes from the last meeting were approved by the committee.
Action / Discussion Items:
1) Shared Governance Recommendations & Feedback
A lot of history was shared regarding our college shared governance structure, and how it has and has
not been documented and/or changed in past years. A handout was provided from the ‘Shared
Governance and Collegial Consultation Process’ document posted in the 2015 accreditation evidence
online. This document was adopted in 2004 and revised in 2006. It lists out of date information on almost
every committee, as well as some committees that no longer exist. It appears that this is the most recent
approved document that states our charge and membership. What we currently have on our website is
inaccurate, but the committee is not sure when the changes took effect.
Another handout was provided listing the shared governance committee recommendations that were
presented to PRBC by Tim Dave, on behalf of the College Budget Committee. This handout was created
by Tim and lists examples from other college budget committees across the Bay Area, as well as a
recommendation regarding the membership structure of this committee. Different structures of
committee membership were discussed, including voting versus non-voting seats. Various numbers of
faculty, administrator, and staff seats for membership were also discussed.
Someone asked if this committee would prefer to wait until we receive the shared governance feedback
from Faculty Senate before we make recommendations regarding our current charge and membership to
College Council. It was agreed that we should review it to have our ideas on hand, and then see what the
timeline looks like in obtaining the feedback from Faculty Senate. If the feedback comes before our
recommendations go forth, we will address it accordingly at that time.
The committee discussed having the area dean/administrator present to provide information to this
committee for items that we may have questions about. There was some discussion regarding some
items that may not make it to the final list that this committee will review, and how the dean could clarify
why things did not make it to the list. Last year the resource request spreadsheet that this committee
reviews was compiled from the dean’s summaries, rather than each and every spreadsheet that was
submitted. PRBC compiles the spreadsheet, so this committee does not know exactly what gets included.
Historically, it seems that there have been quite a few changes suggested to this committee, but the
members were not in consensus at the time. There has also been a lot of transition with committee
members and administrative positions that affect this committee. We were reminded again that VP Willis’
position will be in transition once more during this upcoming year.
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College Budget Committee
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., Board Room 200
VP Willis asked Tim about the recommendations he presented to PRBC regarding the shared governance
feedback. On the handout provided, there is a committee structure listed that the Budget Committee did
not agree on and some members have not seen. We need to correct this with PRBC as soon as possible.
What we currently have on file is not what the committee membership is comprised of. Chasity said there
were older documents she posted on the Budget Committee website in which Rita brown was discussing
the membership back in 2011, and it sounded like that’s when the changes were taking place. Discussion
ensued regarding the makeup of the committee, and any changes we may want to suggest within this
immediate feedback to PRBC and College Council. VP Willis suggests that we submit what our current
makeup is, so that we can correct the information quickly.
VP Willis makes a motion to report back to PRBC and College Council, this recommended makeup of
committee membership listed below. Jeff suggests an amendment, adding one additional Classified,
appointed by Classified Senate. The amendment was added to the motion.
4 Administrators, appointed by the College President
6 Faculty, appointed by Faculty Senate
1 Faculty, appointed by the Faculty Association
3 Classified, appointed by Classified Senate
1 Classified, appointed by SEIU
1 Student, appointed by the Student Senate
Vote: 5 Yes; 2 No; 0 Abstain
2) Report from the Nov 6th PBC Meeting
VP Willis sent the recommendation/resolution that this committee voted on in the last meeting, to the
Co-Chairs of PBC. Jeff mentioned that in DEMC, the Vice Chancellor of Educational Services did not
provide an FTEF allocation for next year. The FTEF we currently have will not meet our target goal. PBC
recommended that we use 800k from the 3A true-up, to pay for the 10 additional FTEF. We plan to go on
stability for 16-17, so we need to make as much as we can now. Someone in the meeting questioned PBC
wanting to hold back 4mil this year, to pay for increases that are coming up next year. The PBC meeting
ended with the 4mil decision not being made. Their next meeting is December 4th, and then they won’t
meet until February. By that point, it will be too late for the college to take any action. Question, where
does the interest from that 4mil go while this decision is being made?
Meeting adjourned at 3:55 pm
Next Meeting: November 24, 2015
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