Chabot College Chapter 8 Review Semester III ELEC 99.09

Chabot College
Chapter 8 Review
Semester III
ELEC 99.09
• Documentation is the most critical component of
good network administration.
• Documentation is the least implemented
component of network administration.
• A maintenance record is used to keep a list of
equipment repairs.
• Rack mount location is included in MDF and IDF
• Software listings would NOT be found on security
• A software report would be used to determine what
programs are installed on a particular computer.
• Network policy should be used to select network
• User policies refer to documentation that outlines
what is and what is not permissible on the network.
• Configuration error is NOT used as a baseline
Network Operating Systems
• Network operating system (NOS) controls
the resources and management of a clientserver network.
• The Unix network operating system
supports multi-user, multitasking, primarily
uses NFS security, and is kernel based.
Peer-to-Peer Networks
• The recommended maximum number of
users in a peer-to-peer network is 10.
• A dedicated server is NOT associated with a
peer-to-peer network.
• A peer-to-peer network is also known as a
workgroup network.
• Network troubleshooting is defined as a
systematic process.
• Your first step in the troubleshooting
process is to gather data.
• A possible solution to the problem of
EMI/RFI effecting performance on your
network is using STP cable.
• The ping command will test the
loopback function on the NIC.
• An isolating transformer controls voltage
spikes and HF noise.
• A grounding strap reduces the static
discharge risks associated with working on
the inside of a computer.
• A worm is a program that spreads across
computers and usually reproduces copies of
itself in a computer's memory.
• A virus is a program that usually has a
negative effect on executable programs.
Backup and Storage
• Incremental backup stores all files that have
been created and modified since the last full
• Magnetic tape is used to backup data
because the tape is inexpensive.
• RAID 5 is a redundancy technique that uses
disk striping with parity and requires a
minimum of three disks.