October 25, 2012 12 Noon, Room 1506


October 25, 2012

12 Noon, Room 1506

Commenced at 12:05

Ended at 13:14

Attendees per sign-up sheet

1. Meeting Minutes from October 11, 2012 distributed . Handouts included “Project Budget

Summary” spreadsheet and Project Update list.

2. Special Reports:

Project Budgets Re-Prioritization Process

Doug explained the layout of the Project Budget Summary and referenced that it was presented to the Measure B Citizen’s Oversight Committee on 10/24. Doug went through each line item adding details such as the status of the project and a rough estimate of funds needed to complete the projects that have started or are reaching completion stages. Discussions followed with questions about dollar changes (Gordon: IOB), addition of Hesperian improvement (Dave:

CSSC), and line item details (Instructional Equipment: Kari). After preliminary discussions it is apparent that there are substantial funds that are not obligated to any project, and additional funds allocated to projects that have not started or have minor expenditures for advanced studies.

Doug then asked for input on a process to follow that would yield recommendations for use of these funds. Some suggestions were: review input and work accomplished to produce the updated college master facility plan (Scott), produce a time line for reaching a college consensus (Tram), concentrate on major projects (Marcia), use on key smaller needs (Mark & others), consider set-asides for leveraging state funds that might be available 2-3 years out


Committee sees need for college-wide conversations with Facility Committee as the venue.

Meeting drawing to a close, it was preliminarily targeted to have concrete recommendations in place by April, 2013. Committee will look at a more detailed time line and updated Facility

Master Plan details.

Out of time for other agenda items to be entertained, meeting closed.

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