Design Activity 5: Web Site Review

Design Activity 5: Web Site Review
What makes one Web site better than another? There are many different aspects to any
Web site which act to make the site achieve its intended purpose. For example, there is
the overall design and the look and feel. There is the ease of navigation and orientation.
Some Web sites have loads of very useful information while others provide a high degree
of interactivity and functionality. Your task in this problem is to identify and choose
criteria that you think are important when determining the quality of a Web site and to
use these criteria to compare 3 Web sites that all serve the same purpose, for example,
marketing cars, marketing fashion, advertising movies etc.
Research to discover the
important criteria that determine
the quality of a Web site. Use
your research to discover the
criteria that can be used to
compare Web sites. Choose 3
Web sites and apply the criteria
to compare them. Which is the
best, which is the worst? Ask
some friends to review the Web
sites. How do their judgments
of quality compare with your
Submission Requirements
Your submission should be submitted as a Word document (2-3 pages) and should
contain the following information:
• A description of the general attributes that can be used to assess the quality of a Web
• The set of criteria that you consider are best to judge the quality of a Web site;
• The results gained when the criteria are applied to 3 Web sites;
• Comparisons between your findings and the judgements of others; and
• A list of the references and resources you used in your inquiry.
Note: The file you submit must be less than 1 Mbyte in size and have a legal file name eg.
activity2.doc or JillAdams.doc.
Marking Criteria
• Quality of the product
• Scope of information reviewed and used
• Quality of the conceptual underpinnings
• Quality of the review and reflection
• Quality of the references and referencing