Abstract Format

Guidelines for the submission of the abstract are as follows:
1. Rename the .doc file as “team name.doc” (example: flyers.doc where
flyers will represent the team name) and email the file to
[email protected]
2. Please fill in the information in the sections mentioned below.
3. Support your write up with appropriate images of your machine. Note
that even photos of incomplete machine may be attached and if it is
not at all possible to include the pictures then try and integrate 2d
plans/CAD drawings in the abstract
4. This information shall be considered valuable for deciding Design. The
abstract of your machine will be helpful everywhere in future as an
evidence of your hard-work, along with determining your position for
the competition. So please pay adequate attention to it.
Please fill in the following details:
Team Name:
Team Leader’s name:
Contact Number:
Frequency of Remote Control Panel:
(In case of more than one frequency available, please write all the
The details of the abstract will remain confidential with the manager of
the event.
Fill in the information about your machine in the respective sections as
mentioned below:
1.Briefly describe the machine design(electric parts specifications,
dimensions, wing description ,location of servos motors etc) along with the
photographs taken during the making of the aircraft if necessary.
2.Explain the mechanisms used in machine maneuvering and also list the
type of actuators you have used.
3.Mention the material used for fabrication, weight of the aircraft.
4.Describe the innovation if any that you have done in the aircraft.
*last date for the submission of the abstract is on or before 27 th October.