Jonas Markussen Experience PhD student

Jonas Markussen
H +47 408 62 630
B [email protected]
PhD student, Simula School of Research and Innovation.
02.2015 – Present
Employed as a PhD student at Simula Research Laboratory. Working on the Unified
PCIe for Distributed Component Virtualization project at the Media group. My work is
focused on making a software framework to support hot-add, device migration, device
sharing and remote access for IO devices on a single PCIe fabric, thus combining PCIe for
IO with PCIe as an interconnect solution. The project is a BIA project, and is done in
collaboration with Dolphin Interconnect Solutions.
Software developer, Bridge Technologies Co AS.
08.2014 – 02.2015
Software developer at Bridge Technologies, a company that creates digital monitoring
devices and network probes. Worked with VB288, which is a server product that joins a
multicast stream and extracts content from MPEG-2 transport streams in order to run
some analysis. I was involved in a project to extract and inspect CEA608 and CEA708
closed captioning data embedded into the user data of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC video
Software development engineer, Fotoware a.s..
03.2011 – 07.2014
Software developer at Fotoware, a company that develops digital asset management
solutions. Worked mainly with the back-end of FotoWeb, which is an web-based image
archiving system with full-text metadata search and workflows based on XMP/IPTC
metadata. Created the back-end for various REST services such as user-configurable
workflows, a global webhook queue, hierarchical metadata taxonomy support and a CMS
export tool. I was also involved in migrating the platform from IIS to Apache.
Part-time programmer, Redimi AS.
09.2010 – 02.2011
Worked 15 hours per week as a Java developer next to my studies. The company made
server monitoring solutions, and I was involved with maintaining and development of their
database monitoring application.
MSc, Informatics, University of Oslo.
09.2010 – 09.2014
Graduate degree in computer science. My master thesis was on evaluating various
latency-reducing modifications to the TCP retransmission algorithm in the Linux kernel.
BSc, Informatics, University of Oslo.
09.2006 – 06.2010
Undergraduate degree in computer science.
My full work history, transcripts as well as work references are available upon request.