Borderline grades at the end of the semester

Borderline grades at the end of the semester
Math 1050-90 - College Algebra Online
If your course grade at the end of the semester is close to the next letter grade (less than .5%), I
may choose to give you the next letter grade. For example, if you are at 72.5%, you might earn a
C if:
1. You score more than 73 on your final. (If you are close, I also check your final to
make sure there were no grading errors.)
2. There is clear evidence of your effort including ALL of these
- completing each WebAssign assignment with a high score,
- completing each quiz,
- participating in discussions and/or asking questions by e-mail or in person
- picking up your exams (which shows you are committed to learning from your
Also, if your final grade is significantly higher than your course grade, I may give you a higher
letter grade than your course grade alone would earn. For example, if you have a C in the
course but earn a B on the final, you might receive a C+ as your grade for the class.