SPAx Event Student Professional Awareness Experience

SPAx Event
Student Professional Awareness Experience
“Managing to Manage your Career”
By John Paserba (6:05- 7:00)
November 18th, 2015
5:30PM – 7:50PM
The Foxes Den
Fenn Hall 130
Washkewicz College
of Engineering
Come and enjoy an
evening of
presentation tips that
you will not get in
any classroom.
*Refreshments provided
How to effectively make the right decisions
during college and beyond to orient yourself
to your career choice including:
Goal setting
Developing technical/ non-technical skills
The importance of professional societal
“Life Long Learning: Education in the
New Millennium”
By Al Rosa (7:00 – 7:50)
In the modern world of ever evolving
technology, how are we as students to
keep up. What should we be encouraged
to do and what pitfalls should we avoid to
keep from being redundant in the current,
as well as long term, career climate.
There will also be a Q & A session at the
end of the talk and final comments from
DR. C Alexander.