Wilson Rosa

United States Air Force
Wilson Rosa is a Technical Advisor with the Information Technology Division of the Air Force
Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA). Prior to joining AFCAA, Mr. Rosa worked at the Naval Sea
Systems Command as a General Engineer where he was responsible for analyzing numerous
major acquisition programs including Remote Mine Hunting System, Standard Missile Block IV,
Cobra Judy Replacement, Naval Fires Network, and Area Air Defense Commander. Mr Rosa
also spent 2 years with the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) as an Industrial Engineer. At
NAWC, he prepared multiple budget requests and cost analyses for the V-22 Osprey and T-45
Goshawk project offices. Before joining NAWC, Mr. Rosa was a Regional Director with Caguas
Medical Center (Puerto Rico) where he was responsible for the safety, daily operations, and
modernization of 13 hospitals.
As a renowned expert in the field of cost estimating and economics, Mr. Rosa has served as
SAF/FMC expert panelist in numerous conferences, including Executive Briefing with
Congressman Jim Saxton, 39th Department of Defense Cost Analysis Symposium, IDA Cost
Research Forum, IDA Cost Analysis Symposium, IDA Concept Decisions Workshop, and
International Society for Parametric Analysts Workshop.
Throughout his financial management career, Mr. Rosa has received numerous awards and
accolades to include 2006 Air Force Cost Analyst of the Year, 2003 Comptroller Excellence Award
from the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, 2000 Procurement and Competition Excellence
Award from the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, 2008 Comptroller Eagle Award, and 2003
Runner-Up Air Force Cost Analyst of the Year.
Mr. Rosa received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of
Puerto Rico in 1995 and a Master in Engineering Management from the George Washington
University, in 2001. He is also a Doctoral Candidate, in Engineering Management, at the George
Washington University.