Valerie Harland Head of Development


Valerie Harland

Head of Development

Why have a development trust?

What is Bristol Museums Development



bringing about change, by encouraging others to invest

It’s all about relationships

Whatever the funding source

Funding sources

Private individuals

Charitable trusts


Statutory (ACE/HLF)

Developing your ‘case for support’

Why should I invest in you?

Use your FABs:

Take one FEATURE of your work (a collection, community activity, learning)

Describe its ADVANTAGES

Which BENEFITS arise as a result?

Your FABs

FEATURES: TNA’s workshops at The National

Archives in Kew

ADVANTAGES: school students can work directly with real documents

BENEFITS: develop research & information processing skills, leading to higher achievement across all subject areas

Private individuals

High net worth individuals

Need to get to know them

– ‘cultivate’

Behind the scenes tours

Takes time to build relationships

Think of smaller ‘projects’ to attract initial support (conservation)

Private individuals

Visitor giving

Do you have a donation box?

If you are a charity, Gift Aid envelopes?

How to build up a database

– convert users/visitors in to donors?

Show need for fundraising: in newsletters, leaflets

Charitable trusts?


What’s your track record – do you have a database of your previous trust funders?

Produce a spreadsheet of your target trusts, with deadlines

Match with your list of potential projects

Plan ahead: a small grant now might help secure a grant from a larger trust


What can you offer companies:

- client entertainment

- brand awareness

- networking for business to business

Is there scope for donations in kind?

Benchmark your corporate offer with similar organisations

Do you have the capacity to manage corporate relationships?

Getting started

How much do you need to raise?

Break it down into project ‘chunks’

Think about all of your contacts

- Prospects vs champions

Research: but not TOO much

Start with ‘warm’ leads


Institute of Fundraising


Linked-In Groups

Books: Giving is good for you

(mindset of philanthropists)

Strategic Approach

Raising money takes time

Planning is vital

Be realistic

But be optimistic too!

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