Managing Community Impacts of Climate Change Final Workshop Workshop Venue

Managing Community Impacts of Climate Change
Final Workshop
This workshop brings together researchers and policy
makers from India, Bangladesh and Australia who share
an interest in sustainable development in response to
climate change.
An emphasis will be on likely community-level impacts of
climate change on major rivers of South Asia, particularly
the Ganges, which is shared by a number of states and
countries, and is a resource of obvious social, economic,
and environmental significance. Papers relevant to this
theme are invited and will form the basis of continued
collaborative research and development activity by
participating agencies.
The main aim is to identify strategies which address likely
impacts including: community health (particularly in rural
regions); water quality; urbanisation; migration; poverty;
and food security.
Workshop Venue
ITC Sonar
Kolkata, India
Workshop Dates
Monday 12 March and
Tuesday 13 March, 2012
For further information, please contact:
Simon J. Rowntree, Project Officer
Monash Sustainability Institute
Building 74, MSC, Monash University
Wellington Road, CLAYTON VIC 3800
Tel: +61 3 9902 0730
E-mail: [email protected]
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