Academic Service-Learning Post-Reflection Questions

Academic Service-Learning Post-Reflection Questions
Statement of the Issue/Activities:
1) Describe the service-learning project you did and the community partner you worked
with. In your answer, please include the following information:
a) Identify the issue you focused on.
b) Describe the activities you engaged in to address this issue.
c) What community need did your project address?
d) Did your activities have an impact? How do you know?
Academic/Applied Learning:
1) Describe 1-5 central course concepts or theories you learned in your course that relate
to your service-learning project. [Instructor should specify them.]
2) How did you observe/use/apply these course concepts or theories in your project?
3) Explain how your activities deepened your understanding of these course concepts or
Civic Engagement:
1) Do you believe more people should care about the issue your project addressed?
Why/Why not?
2) Discuss possible solutions to the issue your project addressed.
3) What do you see yourself doing in the future connected to this issue?
Workplace Skills:
1) List the workplace skills you applied in this project that will help you be prepared for
your future job(s)? For example, team work; problem solving; expressing ideas, opinions
and facts verbally and in writing; following directions; asking questions in class;
respecting others’ opinions; meeting deadlines; communicating with people of different
backgrounds; making presentations; understanding the values of people different than
me; analyzing and critically evaluating ideas, arguments and points of view; and
comparing different approaches to solving a problem.
a) Describe how you applied these skills in your project.
b) Which skills did you improve through this project?
c) Name some challenges that you faced during the project and describe how you
addressed them.
October 2014