Your STUCO Service-Learning Project

Your STUCO Service-Learning Project
Spring 2016
*Your Personal Guide to Making a Plan, Carrying it Out, and Discovering What was Learned*
Fill in the blanks for success!
Your Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
Project Title: _________________________________________________________________________________
Organization(s) Involved: ___________________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person(s) at the Organization: __________________________________________
Date(s) Contacted the Person Above: ______________________________________________
Date and Location of Service-Learning Project: ___________________________________________
This is what I want to do: (Write in one or more sentences specifically what you
want to do in your project. What will the project look like? Begin with “I plan to…”)
This is why it is important to the community it serves:
Through this project I want to: (List the SMART goals for the project.)
An Action Plan may help you to get organized and to develop a time line once you have
brainstormed what is needed to complete the project. Fill out the Action Plan table to
help you get your project organized.
Action Plan
List the tasks, who is responsible, what is needed and when the tasks need to be
completed. Make a copy of this paper for yourself and your future team members so
they remember what they have agreed to do!
What are the tasks
that need to be
Who will do them?
What resources are
When do they need
to get done?
Materials Needed (Optional, only for your benefit):
To-Do List (Optional, only for your benefit):
Once completed, print two copies – one copy goes to Mrs. Rachubinski and
the second copy is yours to keep.
Projects must happen and reflections submitted by Friday, June 3rd.