Service-Learning Course Design Approval Checklist

Service-Learning Course Design Approval Checklist
Project Summary
1.1 Project Title
1.2 Community partner
1.3 Community need the project will meet
1.4 Project summary
General Education Objectives
Which general education objectives will be met by the project:
2.1 Communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening and speaking
2.2 Use analytical reasoning to identify issues or problems and evaluate evidence in order to make
informed decisions
2.3 Reason quantitatively and mathematically as required in their fields of interest and in everyday life
2.4 Use information management and technology skills effectively for academic research and lifelong
2.5. Integrate knowledge and skills in their program of study
2.6 Differentiate and make informed decisions about issues based on multiple value
2.7 Work collaboratively in diverse groups directed at accomplishing learning objectives
2.8 Use historical or social sciences perspectives to examine formation of ideas, human behavior,
social institutions, or social processes
2.9 Employ concepts and methods of the natural and physical sciences to make informed judgments
2.10 Apply aesthetic and intellectual criteria in the evaluation or creation of works in the humanities
or the arts
Course Objectives
3.1 Clearly list the specific course objectives that will be met by the project
Project Implementation
4.1 Will the project be a mandatory or optional component of the course
7.1 Will the students work on the same or different projects
Number of Students
5.1 Number of students who will participate in the project
Number of Participation Hours Per Semester
6.1 Total number of hours per semester students will participate in the project (12 hours are required)
6.2 Direct service hours (time spent working directly with the community partner)
6.3 Indirect service ours (time spent on planning and reflection)
Service-Learning Learning Outcomes
The project must meet one or more service-learning-specific learning outcome(s). Identify which
learning outcome(s) the project will achieve and clearly describe how the project will meet them.
8. Student will be able to apply course content to the needs of a community partner.
9. Student will be able to recognize his or her capacity to impact the community partner.
10. Student will be able to explain how the service-learning project affected his or her perspective on a
community issue.
Project Alignment
11. Clearly describe the alignment between the service-learning activities/tasks, community need(s),
and course objectives.
Community Partner Information
12. How the students will learn about the organization’s role and mission
13. Clearly describe the reflection assignment
14. Clearly describe how the reflection assignment will be evaluated
Department Chair Approval
15. Obtain approval from department chair to engage in service-learning
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