NanoMed 2008 Top Teams - Deloitte Business Plan Competition 1st Place


2008 Top Teams - Deloitte Business Plan Competition

1st Place


Offers the proprietary Zip-Disk Gene Delivery System used to genetically modify cells, enabling rapid prototyping of new gene therapies in the biopharmaceutical industry for the development of cures for cancer, autoimmune diseases, and other debilitating disorders.

2nd Place


A medical device development company that plans to manufacture, achieve FDA approval, and market Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) compatible treadmills for use in Exercise

Stress Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (CMR).

3rd Place


Provides an innovative new technology that addresses the basic problem of temperature control in containers for foods and liquids, maintaining the temperature in the optimum flavor range.

Top Young Entrepreneur Award

American Recyclers

Provides a comprehensive “green” solution to the mammoth landfill problem by substantially reducing the strain on America’s landfills by sorting garbage, recycling what can be recycled and grinding and disposing what cannot be recycled.