Lauren, ‘18  Hometown: Major:  Personal Interests: 

Lauren, ‘18 Hometown: Milford, CT Major: Psychology / Special Education Personal Interests: I love to shop, spend time with my friends and family, paint my nails, sit outside when it’s nice out, play Frisbee and watch movies! Campus Involvement: I am currently involved in the Emerging Leaders Program, Best Buddies, Teachers of Tomorrow, and Campus Ministry. How I Can Help As Your Peer Mentor: I thought it was going to be hard to get along with two roommates when I have two brothers and had never had to live with them. It turns out you don't need to be best friends with your roommate. You can branch out and make new friends and always have your roommate to come back to at the end of the day. I lived in a triple, but it’s not as hard to share space as I thought it would be. I can help you make friends and give you advice! What I Was Nervous About: I was afraid I wouldn't make any friends and that I would miss my family. While I was homesick the first 3 days, that quickly passed. There is so much to do and so many people to meet! After the first couple of weeks, you might even forget to call home as often as you planned. What I Was Excited About: I was excited to start fresh, to make new friends and get involved with the many clubs and activities that interested me. I definitely accomplished that goal. I have made so many connections and memories I will never forget. Advice for the Class of 2019: It is really important that you take advantage of the many opportunities Marist has to offer. I went to events, programs and joined clubs without my friends so that I could meet new people. It's okay to have your own personal interests. No one knows you yet. You don't have a reputation. Start fresh and create a personal brand for yourself that reflects everything YOU are passionate about. Friends and connections will come with that. “Enjoy your summer and don't stress about school! We are here to help make your transition as successful as possible! I can't wait to met you!”