SELLASOL SF – special neutralizing and softening agent °

Edition 2009
SELLASOL® SF – special neutralizing and softening agent
SELLASOL® SF is based on a mixture of alkaline buffering salts and
special organic softening components.
SELLASOL® SF is most effective at temperatures between 35 - 40°C.
SELLASOL® SF is anionic.
Wear gloves and goggles during handling & CLOSE SACKS TIGHTLY
Storage stability:
Can be stored for about 1 year (from date of production) if kept in a cool,
dry place. In any case protect from heat above 35°C.
Electrolyte stability: Very good, suitable for all wet end procedures.
Effect on leather colour: Slight shade weakening effect.
SELLASOL® SF combines a deep and uniform neutralizing with a gentle
fibre-opening effect in order to achieve very soft and lightweight leather
articles with a very uniform milling effect (especially floater types).
SELLASOL® SF is applied to wet-blue and wet white leather from bovine
hides, goatskins & sheepskins.
SELLASOL® SF is excellent for the wetting back of dried out wet-blue and
split materials.
SELLASOL® SF has a dispersing effect which improves the penetration of
subsequently applied retanning agents and dyes.
In general 4 to 6% SELLASOL® SF (calculated on the shaved weight) is
applied in the neutralizing stage at temperatures of approx. 35 - 40°C.
SELLASOL® SF can be applied in combination with common neutralizing
agents like sodium bicarbonate when higher pH values are required.
In wetting back of wet-blue and split material it is recommended to use
SELLASOL® SF in combination with CORIPOL® fatliquors.
Our application recommendations are in line with our present state of knowledge. They do not, however, exempt the customer from
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lies outside the scope of our control and therefore comes within the customer’s sphere of responsibility. We guarantee the
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Edition 2009
SELLASOL® SF - Product characteristics
Trade form at 20°C
Appearance at 20°C
whitish powder
pH – value (10%)
approx 11
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