Philosophy/Religious Studies

Philosophy/Religious Studies
Courses in philosophy and religious studies emphasize rigorous inquiry. Beliefs that are taken for
granted in everyday life are critically examined to see whether there are good reasons to accept
them. Introducing students to this open-minded search for truth provides them with the broad
critical perspectives that they need in order to understand the value of a liberal arts education and
more importantly, it helps them to arrive at justified beliefs about the world.
Please note that PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy, PHIL 103 World Views and Values, and PHIL
200 Ethics are foundation courses within the Core. They do NOT fulfill the Philosophy/Religious
Studies distribution requirement.
Courses that will fulfill Philosophy/Religious Studies
Any 200- or 300-level Philosophy course (except for PHIL 200 Ethics)
Religious Studies
Any 100-, 200-, or 300-level Religious Studies course
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