Mapping where we work instructions 1. Split into groups

Mapping where we work instructions
Split into groups
Choose either the whole country or a location where you work/ most under threat
Draw outline of region/ country/ district
Draw geographical features: mountains, coasts, forests, rivers
Use a key to identify the following:
5. Draw environmental threats: cyclone zones, flood zones, drought zones, forest fires, areas of
environment linked disease, land slide areas, areas where flora/ fauna are under threat
6. Draw on people groups/ settlement areas
7. Identify which agencies are working in your (fictional) network – when you do this in country invite a
diverse range of agencies working in different locations and sectors
8. Draw on their project locations and types
Rapid Challenge:
9. Present your map to the other groups in 2-3 minutes
10. One group rapid challenge (2 mins):
Identify any gaps in the country – e.g. locations not worked in, sectors not worked in, vulnerabilities not
addressed, patterns of everyone working in the same location – and question these. Are we doing the
right things in the right places?