Environmental Science 10-30

Environmental Science 10-30 2014/15
Oh Canada, you’re so diverse!
Canada is a large country with much drastic diversity from climate to topography. Canada is a country
that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean nestled between these massive bodies of water are
world renowned mountains and prairies that stretch to the horizon. With Canada’s unique topography it
creates varied climatic zones as well as ecological zones.
During this assignment you will explore a biome/climatic zone of your choice and prepare a report.
The criteria for success for this assignment will be as follows:
Create a list of native species of the flora and fauna community.
Create a Climograph of the region you are assigned.
Describe your zones nutrient cycle and how these affect the flora and fauna in your zone
Create a map of your zone that visually represents populations of species, topography of the
zone, and nutrient cycles within your regional zone.