Strategic Themes from Peer Institutions’ Strategic Plans

Strategic Themes from Peer Institutions’ Strategic Plans
Academic Excellence
 Distinctive and quality academic programs
Student Success
 Quality learning experiences
 Exceptional student services
 Recruitment and enrollment
 Increased student access
 Retention and graduation
 Increased student diversity
Research Excellence
 Improve the university’s stature as a nationally ranked research university
 Strengthen research and outcomes of research
 Research productivity
Human Resources
 Attract, develop, and sustain highly effective faculty and staff
 Professional development initiatives
 Provide competitive wages
 Increase diversity of faculty and staff
 Creating a collaborative organizational culture
Financial Base
 Increase funding from the state
 Fundraising
 Increase revenues
 Comprehensive marketing and public relations
 Favorable image of the institution
 Alumni engagement
Campus Environment
 Attractive work and learning environment
 Improved facilities
Community Engagement
 Increase student engagement with the community
 Enhance campus-community engagement
 Forge key internal and external relationships and partnerships
 Enhance civic engagement for economic and social benefit of the region
 Meet needs of area and state
Global Presence
 Develop more fully as a global university
 Expand global engagement initiatives
 Incorporate international understanding
 Enhancing technology
 Expand the use of technology across the campus