Center for Diversity and Social Justice

Center for
Diversity and
Social Justice
"Once social change begins it can not be reversed. You can not uneducate the person that has learned to read. You can not humiliate the
person who feels pride. You can not oppress the people who are not
afraid anymore." -Cesar Chavez
• The Center for Diversity and Social Justice provides active
co-curricular, extra-curricular programs and advocacy to build
and nurture a campus community that understands and
celebrates diversity, while facilitating inclusion at all levels of
the university and supporting academic and creative
expression. The Center for Diversity and Social Justice works
to transform the university community into one that represents
individuals from a variety of backgrounds and creates an
environment in which all in the university community are
accepted and valued, while promoting social justice and
recognition of traditionally underrepresented groups.
• The Center for Diversity and Social Justice is committed
to academic excellence, inclusivity, diversity and social
justice, which serves to create and sustain an exemplary
campus climate. Individual identities, including but not
limited to, race, culture, gender, class, religion and
ideology are necessary features of academic excellence
and quality of life. It is the goal of the Center to promote
equity, respect, and social justice through our programs,
structures, outreach, and participation in the extra
curricular and co-curricular lives of students.
• Diversity: Diversity includes two dimensions, the first, age, ethnicity, race,
gender, physical ability, sexual orientation. The second dimension includes
educational background, career paths, geography, marital status, military
experience, religious beliefs, philosophical/political beliefs and opinions.
• Inclusion: Inclusion is about the process and engagement of diversity, with
people, curriculum, co-curriculum and the community. Inclusivity includes
increasing ways of knowing and understanding the ways, in which, diverse
groups of people engage in the institution.
• Social Justice: Includes issues of equity and access to power within an
institution. As part of the access to power, social justice includes seeking fair
access to resources, opportunities, and responsibilities by challenging the roots of
injustice, empowering people to exercise self-determination and builds solidarity
and community.
• Collegiality: We value openness and equity in relationships to ensure academic
excellence and an inclusive campus community.
• Collaboration: We value campus and community partnerships, open
communication and teamwork as we collectively create a holistic learning
• Stewardship: We value financial and programmatic integrity as evidenced
through assessment and fiscal responsibility.
Core Values
• Theme II: Inclusivity and Diversity
• The University strategic plan provides a foundation for
continuing growth of the university as a welcoming and
supportive environment to live, learn and do for all
members of the community. The university has a strong
commitment to inclusiveness and promotes and supports
institutional change in behaviors, policies, practices and
climate, which depends on the involvement of each
individual to implement.
Strategic Plan
4 Professional Staff
1 vacant director position (to be filled)
Fiscal Specialist
20-25 Student Programmers
2 PR Students
Position Descriptions
Extra and co-curricular
Staff positions including director 260,000
Civil Service
Student Payroll
Goods and Services
Travel and Training
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Center for Diversity and
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