4 Grade Curriculum Review th





Curriculum Review

Mrs. Vasquez Mr. Hoeppner


 Daily Schedule

 Planner

 Assignments & Homework

 Report Cards and Grading

 Content Areas – Language Arts & Math


 9:35 Specialist

 10:30 Number Corner and Math

 11:50 Lunch

 12:30 Recess

 12:50 Literacy

 3:40 Dismissal


 Planners should be coming home and back to school every day.

 Homework will be written down by students.

 Parents are to sign the planners daily after their child has read the required 30 minutes.

Assignments and Homework

 All assignments are to be written in planners.

 Homework is typically due the next day unless specifically told differently.

 Daily homework for all 4 th graders is 30 minutes of reading.

Report Card and Grading

 Report cards go home in December, March, and June

 Grading will follow the district rubric:

 4 – Exemplary – shows extraordinary application

 3 – Proficient – consistent application of content/skills.

Meets grade level expectations.

 2 – Developing – shows basic application of content/skills.

Working toward grade level expectations.

 1 – Emerging – shows some evidence of content/skills.

Language Arts

 Grade 4 MN Academic Standards’ Benchmarks

Reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, and handwriting are all important components of language arts. Skills and strategies in each area are modeled, taught and practiced, taking into account the unique needs of each learner. Knowledge and skills are aquired through connected experiences between home, school, and community. Students read from a variety of texts, including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Students read

(or are read to) and write daily.


 Numbers and Operations

 Algebra

 Geometry

 Measurement

 Data Analysis and Probability

 Process Standards

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s teacher.