Hints for NewsTeam Members before

Hints for NewsTeam Members
Your news needs to be written before you get to school each day. (The second time you
don't have it prepared you will be dismissed from the team.)
Write in complete sentences, not in headlines!
Please report only POSITIVE news Any negative ‘bad’ news that really needs to be shared should be worded as positively as
possible. No gory news - it can really scare the younger students - mass murders, violent
deaths, etc.
Even when you are backup, your news needs to be complete (in case the “on” person is
When reporting a sports event, be perfectly clear about the sport you are reporting on, the
names of the teams and the score.
When filling out the lunch schedule only list the main item and vegetable for each day.
Watch when you are reporting the last school day of the week - you may need to change
‘Tomorrow we will have ’ to ‘On Monday we will have’.
Write out full words. Do not abbreviate.
Check the NewTeam ‘board’ for special announcements, lunch menu, and multicultural
news. This should be done the day before your news is required and checked again the
morning you are participating..
If you know you will be gone on your reading or back-up day, please let Mr. Groenewold
know so we can do some switching around of assignments.
10. Remember the news must go on the air at 9:23 every morning, you are expected to be in
the IMC by 9:15 on both days you prepare the news (backup and the day you are on). The
day you are on, you will start the news and read up to the weather part. When you are
backup, you will read the weather part and the rest of the news on the form (lunch, pledge,
and beginning of the closing). Practice reading your news while you wait.
11. When you are the backup person and your news hasn’t been used by the person reading the
current news, you may use it for yourself the next day, otherwise, please update your news
for the next day (when you will be reading it).
12. Practice reading Slowly, (you probably can't read too slow.)
13. Enjoy yourself.