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Advanced SQL Lab 07

DBA110 Database Concepts
Spring 2016
Lab Assignment 7 - 75 points
Scott Caudle
1. What does the acronym SDLC mean, and what does an SDLC portray?
(7 Points)
A: It means Systems Development Life Cycle. It portrays the lifecycle of developing
an information system. This could include planning, building and testing.
2. What does the acronym DBLC mean, and what does a DBLC portray?
(7 Points)
A: It means Database Life Cycle. It describes the stages of building and releasing a
database. It involves many stages and the ultimate goal is to build a stable and
functional database.
3. What is the minimal data rule in conceptual design? Why is it important?
(7 Points)
A: it is there to ensure that all the data in the database is there for a purpose. This is
important because it helps the database be more stable and secure, and makes it
easier to update in the future.
4. What are business rules? Why are they important to a database designer?
A: Business rules are important to database designers because they help strictly
define the basis of how the database is created. They also help the database designer
create different parts of a database such as constraints, attributes, and entities.
5. What three levels of backup may be used in database recovery management? Briefly
describe what each of those three backup levels does. (7 Points)
1. Full Backup = backs up an exact copy of the database.
2. Differential Backup = backs up specific updates that happen after
the last backup is saved.
3. Transaction log Backup= backs up the transactions not included in
a previous copy of a database.
6. The ABC Car Service & Repair Centers are owned by the SILENT car dealer; ABC
services and repairs only SILENT cars. Three ABC Car Service & Repair Centers
provide service and repair for the entire state. (30 Points)
Each of the three centers is independently managed and operated by a shop
manager, a receptionist, and at least eight mechanics. Each center maintains a
fully stocked parts inventory.
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DBA110 Database Concepts
Spring 2016
Lab Assignment 7 - 75 points
Scott Caudle
Each center also maintains a manual file system in which each car’s maintenance
history is kept: repairs made, parts used, costs, service dates, owner, and so on.
Files are also kept to track inventory, purchasing, billing, employees’ hours, and
You have been contacted by the manager of one of the centers to design and
implement a computerized system. Given the preceding information, do the
a. Indicate the most appropriate sequence of activities by labeling each of the
following steps in the correct order. (For example, if you think that “Load the
database.” is the appropriate first step, label it “1.”)
__7__ Normalize the conceptual model.
__3__ Obtain a general description of company operations.
__9__ Load the database.
__4__ Create a description of each system process.
__11__Test the system.
__6__ Draw a data flow diagram and system flowcharts.
__5__ Create a conceptual model, using ER diagrams.
__10__Create the application programs.
__2__ Interview the mechanics.
__8__ Create the file (table) structures.
__1__ Interview the shop manager.
b. Describe the various modules that you believe the system should include.
I would include 4 modules:
1. A Inventory Module
2. A Payroll Module
3. A Maintenance Module
4. A Customer Module
Prepared by Cindy Waters
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