How to Write SPSS Reports

Writing SPSS Reports
• You have taken 100W
• You achieved basic competence in writing in
• You have basic competence using a word
processing program
• You will follow directions
• You can modify the basic steps outlined here
to meet the particular needs of different
Pre-Writing Tips
Read the assignment directions
Be sure all parts of the assignment are completed
Write the report like you are going to give it to a
person who has no idea what you are doing
• Be clear
• Be descriptive
• Be concise
Writing Your Report
• Introduction
– Discuss what you are doing in the report
• What is the purpose of the report?
– Preview the material to follow
• What is going to follow in your report?
– Multiple paragraphs may be necessary
Writing Your Report
• Introduction
• Body
– Address specific questions asked
– Analysis (Description of the data)
• Reference tables
– Each table you make should have a unique number and title
» Table number uniquely identifies each table
• For Example “Table 1” (Note that the word “Table” is capitalized)
» The title is a description of a table
• For example:” Frequency distribution of respondent’s labor force status
– Cite/reference the title and table
• Cite data
– Minimally cite three data points for each table
• Summarize findings
– Given all the data in a table what does it tell us about the variable(s) being observed?
Writing Your Report
• Introduction
• Body
• Conclusion
– What did you do? (Similar to what you did in the
– Did you encounter any problems? If so describe
them and how you solved them
– This also may take several paragraphs
Writing Your Report
– Included following the report
– Can also follow the analysis
• Output
– Include following tables
– Include only relevant output
Final Tips
• Read the directions
• Make sure all parts of the assignment are completed
• Include a cover page
Your name
Assignment name
Date you submit your work
Honor statement
• Proofread/Edit
– Spell check!
– Have a friend read the paper for clarity
• The word data is plural
– “Data are” Not “Data is"
Writing SPSS Reports