Botany -----/ 88 ___ / 2 Title: ___ / 2 Purpose:

Botany -----/ 88
___ / 2 Title: Tree Lab
___ / 2 Purpose: to practice using a dichotomous key to identify the leaves of deciduous trees
___ / 2 Hypothesis:
Write a complete sentence predicting how many of the specimens you will correctly identify.
___ / 4 Materials:
Leaves of select deciduous trees
Key to the Genera of common Trees in summer
Colored pencils
Un-lined white paper
Procedure: (omit from writeup)
1. Carefully obtain ONLY ONE specimen. DO NOT REMOVE THE BLADE OR THE TAG
2. Make a half-page rubbing of a blade/leaf, then petiole, and the stem, using colored pencils.
3. Label the following on each rubbing:
A. petiole
B. blade
C. stem
D. type of margin
E. leaflet (if a compound leaf)
4. In a titled data table, record the following information for each specimen:
A. leaf number
B. type of leaf
C. type of venation D. type of margin
E. type of leaf arrangement D. common name
E. genus
5. Key out the leaf, listing EVERY step you take on the key. Write this below the data table,
including the specimen number, then the list.
6. Identify the common name and genus of the specimen. (Add these to the data table.)
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each of 6 specimens.
___ / 15 Rubbings w/ labels (6x5) (1/2 point each item)
___ / 43 Data Table : (1) Title, Data (7x6)
___ / 12 Key out list (6x2)
___ / 2 Purpose
___ / 2 Learned
___ / 2 Sources of error
___ / 2 Applications