Reptiles Class: Reptilia

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
SubPhylum: Vertebrata
Class: Reptilia
How Are They Different from Amphibians?
1. Heavier, bonier skeleton for support & travel out of water
2. GOT Scales?!!!!!!
 tough, dry skin
 resists dehydration & injury
 need to molt/ shed to get bigger
3.Amniotic egg (oviparous)
 Has membranes to protect embryo &
food source(yolk)
 Supports embryonic dvlpmnt. w/o water
 Leathery shell (protection, anti-dehydration)
4.Jaws with teeth for crushing & gripping prey
(carnivorous lifestyle)
5.More efficient lungs than amphibians for terrestrial life
6. Efficient circulation & higher BP (blood pressure)
 allows faster mvmnt.
 better predators than amphibians
7.Efficient strategies for water conservation
 Scales to prevent dehydration
 No urine, secrete uric acid but little water
Nervous System more advanced
 Permits more complex behaviors than in amphibians
 Keen senses to find prey
9. Copulatory organ for internal fertilization (land repro.)
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