Mrs. Wick's 5 Grade Friday Notes May 25, 2012 Important Dates:

Mrs. Wick's 5th Grade Friday Notes
May 25, 2012
Important Dates:
Mon., 5/28 – Memorial Day
Tues., 5/29 – State and/or
Capital retakes
(students must have passed State
Locations and State Capitals
quizzes with 80% or better)
Tues., 5/29 – U. S. Regions
Clicker Quiz
Tues., 5/29 – ALL BOOKS
DUE (texts, classroom library)
Thurs., 5/31 - Read-In, Tom
Sawyer movie, Promotion
Fri., 6/1 – Promotion and
Tom Sawyer Picnic (Half Day)
Ready, Set, Contact
Mrs. Wick
[email protected]
Classroom Coordinator:
Mrs. Casey
[email protected]
Scoop on Science
Students enjoyed Eco and wrote
some very enthusiastic and
thoughtful Eco reflections this
week. These will be enclosed in
next week’s Friday folder.
Students also read and responded to
an article, “Protecting the
Environment,” this week.
Promotion and Tom Sawyer Picnic
Your invitation to the Traut Core Knowledge School
Promotion ceremony is included in this Friday folder. Feel
free to copy it if you need more for additional family
members 
Please see the parent letter included in this Friday
folder for information on the Promotion ceremony and
Tom Sawyer Picnic, both to be held Friday, June 1.
Gist on Geography
completed the
United States
Regions unit this
week. They have their graded
packets in order to prepare for
a Clicker quiz on Tuesday.
Students have also done an
amazing job learning the
locations of the 50 states and
the states’ capitals. Any
retakes (students who scores
less than 80%) are Tuesday.
Memos on Math
Students have been learning
how to add and subtract
mixed numbers with
regrouping and borrowing (Ch.
17). Students also took
the End-of-Year 5th Grade
Math Inventory this week.
Next week we’ll explore
multiplying and dividing
Students should be at 90%
completion and accuracy at
this point and will affect
their final grade in math.
Lots About Language Arts
Enclosed you will find your child’s
graded animal reports. They have
grown so much this year with
research skills as well as
organizing and writing a report.
Half the class also presented
extra credit Prezi or PowerPoint
projects. They were beautifully
Reading: We just finished
reading the novel Sign of the
Beaver by Elizabeth George
Speare. It ties in nicely with
westward expansion and our
studies of Native American
cultures and conflicts. We’ll watch
the film for this movie on
Tuesday at 2:00. Students are
welcome to bring movie snacks.
Students experienced each
other’s historical fiction diorama
and summary this week at a
Readers’ Theater. I know many
found new books they want to
read 
Music is the special
next week.