Choose the course you wish to registration process.

Choose the course you wish to
complete. Click on one of the two
links in order to begin the
registration process.
After clicking on either the
Amplification or Diagnostics link,
you will be brought to this page.
Hover your mouse over the course
on the left. Then, click on the + to
add it to the “schedule builder.” This
is the first part of the registration
This screen will pop-up. Choose the
date that you wish to begin the
course. Please keep in mind, course
materials will not be mailed until
start date as system notification of
registration does not occur until
Hover your mouse over the
calendar icon. Click it to select your
start date.
After you’ve selected the date, click
on “Add to schedule builder"
Your course selection will appear
Click “register”
New students: Click “create new
account” and complete registration
Previous/Current Students: Sign in
with Sharklink ID and Password and
complete registration process.
Registration is complete once payment is
processed through our system, which can take
as long as 2 hours. Mailing of supplementary
materials occurs shortly after and may take 3-4
days to arrive.