Gabrielle Ortman Information Contact

Gabrielle Ortman
Iowa State University
B.S. Computer Science, Genetics minor
GPA: 3.19
Expected Grad: May 2017
Phone: 913-215-0279
Technical Skills
Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Agile
Eclipse, PyCharm, Illustrator, Photoshop, APIs, Git
[email protected]
Work Experience
Lexmark (​formerly Perceptive Software​):
Software Engineering Intern Summer ‘15
-Worked as an engineer on the Forms team in Java, JS,
-Contributed to the development of a customer-facing JS
webapp and forms server.
-Created REST calls using Apache CXF
-Development done in a Kanban environment.
-Used Git and Git Extensions for version control.
Introduction to Programming
Teaching Assistant August ‘15-present
Laboratory for Molecular Programming:
Undergrad Research Assistant Summer ‘14-present
-Plan and conduct wet lab experiments to verify DNA
origami structure and function.
-Design a DNA origami structure that will interact with
pre-existing biological material.
Involvement and Leadership
Digital Women:
President- Fall ‘15-Spring ‘16
-Lead a small executive team to plan out meetings,
promotion and community outreach.
-Lead workshops to teach members new skills.
-Developed a new website with another executive member.
Computer Science & Software Engineering Club:
Webmaster- Fall ‘15
Martin Hall House Cabinet:
Social Chair- Fall ‘13-Spring ‘15
Genetics Club:
Webmaster- ‘14
Watson Cam:
-Host a website for my fish, Watson, on a ​Raspberry Pi
running a ​Nginx ​web server.
-Capture images of my fish using ​Python​, specifically, the
PiCamera API and automatically upload those images
using the PyImgur API.
-Developed a webpage from scratch.
Big Betta:
-A ​winning Hackathon project involving machine learning
and my betta fish, Watson (HackISU 2015).
-Developed a ​Neural Network using ​Caffe ​and ​Python ​to
recognize a betta fish.
-Used GPU to compute prediction based on new images.
-Serve predictions and images to a website, Twitter and
Twitter Bots:
[email protected] A ​Twitter bot that tweets sarcastic
phrases, jokes and other comments about the weather
using the Python-Twitter and Python-Weather API .
[email protected]_Guinea_Pigs- A ​Twitter bot that tweets an Imgur
link of the top images from /r/guineapigs and /r/rabbits on
Reddit using the Python-Twitter API and the
Python-Reddit API Wrapper.
Digital Women’s Website:
-Developed a new static website for the Digital Women
student organization from scratch.
Awards and Recognitions
Grace Hopper Conference Scholar Fall ‘15
HackISU, First Place Software Hack Spring ‘15
NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Grant
Kansas City Developers Conference Attendee ‘15
TenXList Member