Dear Colleague,

Dear Colleague,
Attached you will find information concerning the Alvin H. Zagor
Memorial Scholarship. This prize is awarded to a junior or senior at
CAS whose academic record and life experience demonstrate wide ranging
interests and concern for the necessity of the humane studies in the
intellectual development of the modern professional. Each department
may nominate two students.
The details of the competition are attached, as well as an application
for your departmental nominees. The amount of the scholarship for 2011
is $1,000.
The deadline for submitting the completed application and letter of
nomination is Monday, March 28, 2011.
Richard J. Kalb
Associate Dean for Students
-Rose Olivito
Coordinator and Adviser
Office of the Associate Dean for Students
College of Arts and Science
New York University
100 Washington Square East, Rm. 909E
New York, NY 10003
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