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c Dr Igor Zelenko, Fall 2011
Math 251
Final Exam Information
Where/When is the final exam? The final exam is scheduled as:
12/12/2011 3:30pm-5:30pm HELD 109
If you want to take the test with another section, you must contact me no late than Thursday
12/08 at 3pm (explaining the reason).
• The final exam is comprehensive, so review ALL material.
• Exam Format: The final exam will have 8-10 multiple-choice problems and 3 “work out“
• You do not need a scantron for this exam.
• Things to bring to the test: pencil, eraser and your student identification card.
• Office Hours during dead week: Wednesday, 12/07, 3:00 pm -4:00 pm, Thursday, 12/08,
10:30am-3:00 pm, Friday, 12/09, 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm, Monday, 12/12 noon-1:30 pm.
• It is advised that you
– Read over the Lecture Notes.
– Review ”Tutorial exercises” (absolute extremum)
– Work Exams 1,2,3 (and the corresponding Review problems)
– Work take-home quizzes (all other quizzes are part of the suggested/webassign homework problems).
– For topics you are struggling with, rework the associated webassign and suggested
homework problems.
– Solve “Extra Practice” problems (notice that it doesn’t cover all the material).
• If you have to dispute about your Exam 3 grade you have until Monday, December 12th
to inform me about this (come to office hours, or send e-mail to make an appointment).
• All grades (except Exam 3) are in the WebAssign GradeBook now. Check all you grades
carefully. If you think that some of you online homework grade is not correct, let me know
about it until December 9th at 5:00 pm.
• Once final grades have been assigned, they are final. I do not change grades for any
reason unless there is a miscalculation in the computed average.
• Due to privacy issues, I cannot discuss grades over email or phone. Thus I will not reply to
any e-mails asking about exam scores. If you would like to look your final exam, I can meet
with you at the start of the Spring 2012 semester. For this send me an e-mail requesting an
appointment and I would be happy to meet with you then.