Hilary Wilson- Delegate Candidate AK

Hilary Wilson- Delegate Candidate AK
What are your qualifications that make you a strong candidate for
delegate? What are the most pressing issues in the profession and how
would you use your strengths to address these issues as a member of the
NASP Leadership Assembly?
As the current Alaska delegate, I have worked hard to promote the NASP approved
practice model in the state of Alaska. I am a strong leader in my field and have worked
closely with NASP leaders throughout the country to gain knowledge regarding pressing
issues in the field of school psychology and how to address them. Qualities that
contribute to being a good leader for the state of Alaska include being born and raised in
Juneau. I love the state of Alaska and the people who live in our great state. I am a hard
worker, am timely, understand the issues that plague our state for school psychologists in
promoting mental health and well being so all children thrive at school and home. Being
recognized as mental health providers in the schools is a pressing issue among school
psychologists in the state of Alaska. As a member of the leadership assembly I would use
my knowledge of NASPs practice model to promote us as mental health providers within
the school system. I would use my knowledge of government processes to encourage the
members of the Alaska School Psychologist Association to write letters and meet with
their legislative members to encourage government to work towards change within the
school setting so we are recognized mental health providers for our students throughout
the school system. I, myself, would write letters, meet with administration, and meet with
legislation to ensure that our role as school psychologists become more comprehensive to
include being valuable mental health providers within the school setting.