ABSTRACT Thesis Topic: Student:

Thesis Topic: 50 Years After Independence: Preservation of Places, Spaces, and
Student: Emily Weiler
Degree: Master of Science
College: College of Architecture and Planning
Date: May 2012
Pages: 62
This thesis will study three specific subjects in order to document changing
viewpoints in American culture in relation to nationalism, patriotism, and memories
from older generations. It will be studying a space- Bunker Hill, a placeIndependence Hall and a person- Marquis Lafayette at approximately fifty years after
the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Each subject will explore the ways
the memory of the soldiers involved in the American Revolution have been preserved
and remembered. It is the intent of this thesis to establish the importance of the
passage of time especially when it comes to preserving historic artifacts and buildings
and the way the changing associations have on how we preserve these artifacts.
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