Research Topics in Renewable Energy for 2016

Research Topics in Renewable Energy for 2016
Dosent / Lecturer: (Dr NJ Goosen)
Fakulteit / Faculty: Engineering
[email protected]
Departement / Department: Process Engineering
Navorsingsarea / Area of Research:
Integration of renewable energy technologies in existing industrial processing plants
Algemene beskrywing van navorsingsveld: (nie meer as 2 paragrawe nie):
General description of research area (only 2 paragraphs):
The research field will investigate how renewable solar energy technologies can be integrated into existing
industrial processing plants, in order to better utilise renewable energy sources and to decrease energy
demand from the national grid. A number of industries utilise large amounts of electricity from the national
grid to produce heat required during processing; however, there might be specific industries which could
utilise solar heating to provide a large proportion of the required heating duty, at equivalent costs. Direct
supply of process heat in the form of a heated fluid is also favoured above generating electricity from
photovoltaic technologies in this instance, due to the relatively higher efficiency of solar thermal technology.
For this reason, the proposed research project will specifically investigate the suitability of solar thermal
heating as a source of direct processing heat in existing South African processing plants, with focus on fish
meal production facilities.
Lys van onderwerpe/List of topics: (Merk graad met X/Mark degree with X)
Integration of solar thermal heating as source of process heat in the South
African fish meal industry.
Spesifieke voorvereistes / Specific requirements:
B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering.
Befondsing beskikbaar / Funding available:
Project funding available. Personal (bursary) funding not available.
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