C o Z ar

Kevin Waters
Matthew Galloway
Sally Stevenson
Andrew Toth
Car of Zomm
*Eye of Zomm
EverQuest Classic
The Car of Zomm enables players to drive a
RC car via a familiar control surface (steering
wheel and pedals) while providing an
additional game that is visible only to the
person behind the wheel.
Parts have all been ordered, but only half of
them have arrived
User controls car’s movement using steering wheel
and pedals
User presses buttons on steering wheel to
shut down the system and navigate the menu
User turns on the system by turning on the
Atom board and the car
Video streaming latency
Interfacing with existing
car controller
Using a more powerful
board that can handle the
necessary processing
Have a rangefinder on the
car to detect proximity
and act accordingly
Make our own control
scheme using Wi-Fi
If video latency is too high, may drop the
augmented reality graphics
If hacking the steering wheel controls doesn’t
work, can use existing controller instead
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