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Kevin Waters Matthew Galloway Sally Stevenson Andrew Toth Car of Zomm
*Eye of Zomm EverQuest Classic ¡  The Car of Zomm enables players to drive a RC car via a familiar control surface (steering wheel and pedals) while providing an additional game that is visible only to the person behind the wheel. ¡  Parts have all been ordered, but only half of them have arrived ¡ 
User controls car’s movement using steering wheel and pedals ¡  User presses buttons on steering wheel to shut down the system and navigate the menu ¡  User turns on the system by turning on the Atom board and the car Risk Video streaming latency Durability Interfacing with existing car controller Mitigation Using a more powerful board that can handle the necessary processing (Atom) Have a rangefinder on the car to detect proximity and act accordingly Make our own control scheme using Wi-­‐Fi ¡  If video latency is too high, may drop the augmented reality graphics ¡  If hacking the steering wheel controls doesn’t work, can use existing controller instead This page is intentionally left blank