Get the most sophisticated Plant Management system Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical

Get the most sophisticated
Plant Management system
at minimum effort and low costs
Energy Management Suite
Instrumentation, Controls & Electrical
Energy Management Suite SPPA-M3000
Plant Management
Web Upgrade
is the upgrade to the latest, web-enabled Plant
Management version for efficient technical
plant management. It offers advanced
functions, location-independent accessibility
and advanced usability at low set-up efforts.
Your Benefit
■ Hardware-independent
access to the application via
web-browser without an
additional installation
■ Maximized utilization of
concurrent user licenses
■ Ready for mobile applications
The Task
IT-upgrades are essential to take full advantage
of state-of-the-art technological solutions like
web technologies: To access applications from
anywhere via the web-browser, IT solutions
have to become independent from specific
hardware requirements. Naturally, software
upgrades also have to focus on improving the
applications itself to give the user support in
getting the task at hand done in the most
efficient manner. Thus, enhanced usability,
maximum data transparency and complete data
consistency with the previous versions have to
be provided to ensure that individual user
configurations are maintained.
and add-ons
■ Retention of individual user
■ Low-effort set-up and low
engineering costs
■ Most sophisticated software
with increased usability and
extended data transparency
Our Solution
SPPA-M3000 Plant Management Web Upgrade
is the solution to upgrade your existing
SPPA-M3000 Plant Management to the next,
web-enabled generation at minimum efforts.
After the upgrade, every computer that has an
internet browser can be used as an access
point for the web-enabled plant management
application without an additional installation.
Since the application is not restricted to
predefined thin clients, your company can make
the greatest possible use of its concurrent user
licenses. The new version gets plant management
ready for the use of state-of-the-art mobile
applications and mobile add-ons. The design of
SPPA-M3000 Plant Management Web Upgrade
ensures that all existing functionalities and
individual user configurations are kept:
Customizations are safeguarded by the upgrade
process and will not be lost for as long as these
have been made through the conventional
Admin Tool. In order to make the transition
to the latest web-enabled version of Plant
Management as smooth as possible, Siemens
provides an easy-to-use upgrade tool. Through
this tool the data is migrated automatically.
This ensures that all data, even historic
transactional type data is available right at the
start of the web-enabled version. The upgrade is
simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:
1. Installation of on a new server
2. Backup of your production database
3. Restoring backup into new Web
4. Execution of upgrade program
5. Log-in to new environment via any web
With your new Plant Management software, you
will no longer need a software dongel key.
Through this low-effort and other use of stateof the art technology low engineering costs are
Your new version is now a sophisticated Plant
Management system that offers increased
usability and extended data transparency.
The system is now ready for mobile applications
and already contains various additional
functional extensions. Just one example is the
KPI-Dashboard which can be configured
individually by each user.
KPI-Dashboard: On the home screen it immediately indicates
what is on track and where additional attention is needed
Answers for energy.
Functional extensions of SPPA-M3000 Plant Management
Web Upgrade:
Inventory Management: With the upgrade, many store rooms
even at different locations can be administrated within a single
system. The upgraded plant management version now
accommodates multiple independent store room units.
In this scenario, each store room can be assigned its own price
levels, reorder quantities, primary vendors etc. This new feature
improves comprehensive inventory management since
it ensures the accuracy of available quantities, it optimizes
inventory levels through ABC-analysis and it allows for precisely
tuned spare parts delivery und logistics. Additionally, spare parts
substitutes can be identified to reduce duplicate quantities on hand.
All those properties result in a reduction of storage costs and in a
significant reduction of expenditures.
Multiple Status Change: The upgraded SPPA-M3000 Plant
Management offers the possibility to change numerous records
at just one click. With the capability to manipulate entire data sets,
the user no longer has to adjust one record after the other. This
new feature enhances usability and work efficiency since
equivalent data elements belonging to many data sets can be
modified in one single step.
Multiple status change: Records that were successfully affected by the change are
highlighted in green. The records that cannot be changed are indicted in red.
Inventory management: Multiple store rooms with multiple locations allow
for the management of more than one inventory locations.
Dash-Boarding: A KPI-Dashboard was added so that any screen
can be configured to display indicators in near real-time. The
indicators can be quickly created with the SQL-builder (a tool to
create Structured Query Language) by drag and drop query
building. Event though query creation is simple, the query concept
allows for a complex query structures. With the chart options,
a wide variety of diagram types can be selected to present the
results of the automatically executed queries in a graphical form.
SQL-query building for Dash-Boarding: Simple drag-and-drop
configuration even for highly complex queries.
Chart options for Dash-Boarding: Display the query results in a variety of diagram types
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